About Us

We have stepped into Perfume Industry Since 1998 from the Malerkotla Punjab (INDIA) . After Gaining immense experience and expertise in fragrance industry we launched our own brand 'The Brand Perfumes' in 2015, Since then we have reinvented fragrances in different category of Attars, Body spray, Air freshener, Bakhoor, Eau de Perfume, and Industrial pack. our fragrances are personalized and individualistic. We also make sure our products are cost effective.

 USP of our products are: 

·         Refreshing and long lasting fragrance.

·         The Fragrance that we create are Mostly Alcohol Free.

·         The Fragrance that we create is Unisex that means everyone can equally enjoy our variety       of products.

·         Our product packaging are creatively designed and packed that will impact overall       presentation.

Our Mission:

·         Trust, Integrity and value based approach.

·         Be Proactive and innovative.

·         Providing better facilities and easy access to our Customers.

·         Introducing new Products, Deals & Combo Deals.

Our Vision:

·         Providing Best Quality Products.

·         We aspire for a position of pre-eminence in our business through diligence, total client satisfaction and acts of responsibility towards our society and environment.

·         To be a Known Brand Internationally.

Our Products:

The Brand Perfumes stands strong as a corporate entity with a vast portfolio of over 200+ of the finest and most captivating fragrances. Our flagship products are, Ertugrul Gazi, Haleema Sultan, Ibnul Arbi, Turgut, Bamsi, Dogan, Kurulus Osman, Haime Hatun, Suleman Shah.

 Trademark & Copyright:
A product mark also known as 'Copyright' helps in recognizing the origin of the product and helps in maintaining the reputation of the business across the globe. The Brand Perfumes has Copyright in India and  Trademark registered in countries like India, Qatar, Bangladesh, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Srilanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Kenya.

Customer Satisfaction:

At The Brand Perfumes, we are committed to have our customers first- with this in mind, in line with the company’s vision and mission, we have our values where the customer always comes first.

Contact Us:

Our Customers can always buy our products from our online selling portal :- https://thebrandperfumes.com  (Currently in India only) and our various retailers, wholesalers and distributors offline globally. Currently we have our owned store in India, Also you can explore our products on our brand website i.e. https://thebrandperfumes.com To connect with us further you can write us on thebrandperfumes@gmail.com

Thank you, Happy to serve you always The Brand Perfumes and its family.

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